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Core Artists

Making connections through the arts and nature.

Naomi Steckman playing the violin

Naomi Steckman

Cellist, Artistic Director, Founder

Naomi Steckman is a Cape Cod-based freelance cellist. As a freelancer, she has had many performance opportunities playing as a soloist, chamber, and orchestral musician. She regularly performs with Boston Landmarks Orchestra, Rhode Island Philharmonic, Rhode Island Civic Chorale and Orchestra, Portland Symphony, Cape Symphony Orchestra, Symphony New Hampshire, and Westerly Chorus. For Naomi, performing is about creating an experience with those around her. Her passion and artistic vision are to connect with her audience members and those she collaborates with, through the emotional stories that the music is telling. She especially loves combining the beauty of the outdoors with her performances, as well as collaborating with all disciplines of the performing arts, which was the driving force behind the creation of Beyond the Bounds.

diana steinberg dancing

Diana Steinberg

Dancer, Choreographer, Founder

Diana Steinberg is a dancer interested in site-specific dance improvisation. She has a daily creative practice that explores the idea of engaging with our world through movement. She is based out of Boston and Cape Cod. Her work can be found on Instagram under the handle loonymoony1. Over the course of her dance life, Diana has studied and performed with contemporary/modern groups as well as folkloric dance from Haiti and Brazil. She is interested in art that connects us with each other and the world.

teresa bloemer portrait

Teresa Bloemer


Teresa Bloemer recently completed her master’s in viola performance at Boston University. An active freelancer, she has performed with many varied ensembles including the Ohio Light Opera, the Fort Smith Symphony, the Dallas Chamber Orchestra, and the Odysseus Chamber Orchestra. Recently she attended the Brevard Music Festival where she performed masterworks under the direction of Keith Lockhart, JoAnn Falletta, and other notable conductors. In 2015 she was selected to perform in the Castleton Festival Orchestra under the direction of Rafael Payare and Fabio Luisi. Her teachers have included Michelle LaCourse, Hye Min Choi, Susan Dubois, Daphne Gerling, Cynthia Roberts, Lisa Boyko, and Matthias Maurer.

anne bloom

Anne Bloom

Dancer, Choreographer

Anne Bloom is a choreographer and performer of somatic dance and site-specific pieces for over 20 years nationally and internationally. As an Artist, Teacher, and Licensed Massage Therapist; my work specializes in Dance as a Healing Art, integration of modern dance, contact improvisation, authentic movement, somatic awareness, and nature.

Anne is a Queer Jewish mother and producer of Queer events for over 12 years with her unique abstract drag, and burlesque with a post-modern tilt.

She also produces massage teams at festivals and private events managing many people for extended days.

Anne also brings her knowledge of Real Estate into her framework as a Licensed Salesperson for over 7 years. In addition, Anne runs Blooming Properties which consists of a triplex apartment, a residential rental, and an Airbnb home. She adds her knowledge of buildings, remodeling, rehabbing, selling, and investing to a sustainable viewpoint towards housing.

Lately, her focus has been on CDP, The Underscore, AmiiAnne Dance Improv., Earthdance, and integrating her dance with all the arts and the natural world around us.

helen manzella stretching

Helen Manzella


Helen Manzella grew up studying classical ballet, belly dance, and hip hop. She began improvising later in life as a tool for her own free expression and healing. In 2014, she graduated from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA with a BA in Mindfulness, Expressive Arts Therapies, and Dance/Movement Therapy. Helen continued to freely express herself as a traveling street busker in Boston, Boulder, CO, and Brooklyn, NY. Beginning in 2016, Helen completed a three-year teacher training program under the direction of Tommy Thompson in Cambridge, MA, and Debi Adams at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee. She currently resides in Brewster, MA where she teaches private Alexander Technique lessons as well as group classes in both the Alexander Technique and Expressive Movement. She has just begun her 3-year journey into earning her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Dance Movement Therapy at Lesley University.

Jacob mishak portrait

Jacob Mashak

Resident Arranger/Composer

Jacob Mashak ( is a Pacific Northwest-based composer, conductor, and variable instrumentalist. Among other distinctions, they are recognized for having written the longest non-repetitive piano piece on the record, the 11 hours long Beatus Vir for two pianos, premiered at Boston University in 2008.

Other notable works include Vita Nuova for one-mallet marimba, written for percussionist Jane Boxall, and Rest, Madrid for solo guitar, written for Aaron Larget-Caplan.

Finding the most beautiful things in the world are the result of random processes, their works most often use various machinations of indeterminacy to attempt to achieve the splendor not present after human intervention but only discoverable in the natural world.

Julia Cumes

Resident Photographer/Videographer

Julia Cumes ( is a South African-born photographer based on Cape Cod. She's passionate about storytelling and capturing real moments of human connection and intimacy. She is particularly invested in stories about women and girls and the struggles they face around the world as well as wildlife conservation and has worked on projects with these themes both locally and internationally. Over the course of her career, she has photographed for a variety of magazines, newspapers, humanitarian and wildlife conservation organizations, businesses, and private clients. Her work has appeared in publications such as the New York Times and Boston Globe as well as a host of local publications. As someone who is passionate about the outdoors, Julia has enjoyed documenting Naomi's nature-based collaborations with other artists.

Susan Overstreet


Susan Overstreet’s creative process of weaving vibrant colors with a technique of palette knife and brushwork captures a visual tapestry between abstract imagery and representation. Overstreet’s bold expressive style is driven by unique natural elements found on Cape Cod that offer an evolving kaleidoscope of color. “I work quickly. Capturing the subject extemporaneously is vital to breathing life into it visually,” explains Overstreet. “Knowing what the paint can do by experimenting with its properties, I move the paint around the canvas until the image emerges.” She paints en plein air and in the studio, inspired by both landscape and the human figure. Susan completed studio work at George Washington University, and continued studying fine arts at the Corcoran School of Art and the Art League School of Alexandria. Her work was accepted in many juried competitions in Virginia and now on Cape Cod. Susan has exhibited at The Provincetown Art Museum, The Cultural Center of Cape Cod, and the Cape Cod Museum of Art. She taught art to children in Fairfax Public Schools, and served as president of the Springfield Art Guild. Susan teaches at the Cape Cod Museum of Art, Milford Arts Council, the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, the Creative Arts Center of Chatham and at the PAAM. She is represented by Tracy Lindholm Nee in Dennis, MA Website:

Amy Mason


Amy Mason is a Cape Cod artist known for her whimsical cards, nostalgic illustrations and colorful paintings Amy has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a crayon and still finds joy in recreating what's around her, in front of her or in her head. Depending on the project at hand, Amy utilizes different methods. Pen & ink, acrylic paint, and digital drawing are just a few. Some of her work is an actual representation of what she's seeing, others are an abstract expression of what she's feeling in that moment. No matter the medium, Amy's art evolves and grows with each layer of detail, sometimes more, sometimes less. She gets thoroughly lost in the process. The resulting pieces are imperfect and whimsical, full of stories to tell. For more info:

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